Sushi Savant Sushi Savant is a Long Island based band comprised of John Tabacco, Joe Gioglio, Jim Pastor and Gary Settoducato. Established in January 2016, the crew currently have a set list of 30+ original songs. The group also performs a dozen covers that fit in with their alt rock/eclectic rock style.
Egalitarian by nature, Jim, John and Joe trade off the helm, each leading the band in their own songs, and all the while Gary dials in beats from his vast library of righteous grooves. This unique arrangement makes for a wide range of style, tempo and attitude - jazz rock, grunge, indie, funk, blues, and rap all show up in the mix.
Despite the variety, the set list has thematic threads that link many of the tunes together: dystopia is oft visited, but in a vacation sort of way, and there are many observations about growing up in a consumer culture (there's a lot more going on at the mall than meets the eye.) Coffee is a popular topic, as is gravity, both physical and metaphorical: a typical night with the boys will begin with a Throw Down after which you will naturally want to Blame Gravity, but don't worry: shortly thereafter you'll Learn How to Fall. Cheese rears it's head now and again as do other food groups. There's an exotic, fruity medley that blends peaches, lime and coconut. Sushi is not represented as a song topic per se, but instead is reflected in the aforementioned wide selection. A veritable sushi deluxe platter of tunes.